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Windmills destroy our sea

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Danger 1

Hearing damage in marine animals

The hearing of fish and sea animals is damaged both during pile driving and during the turning of the windmills. Piling causes blows that can be heard up to 30 kilometers in the area. Porpoises that are within a radius of 1.8 kilometers around the pile driving can become deaf and die. Smaller fish can even explode if they are within 50 meters of the pile-driving!

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Danger 2

Broken soil structure

Many worms and small lobsters hide in the sandy bottom of the North Sea. Flatfish stir the sand so that they can live on these worms and lobsters. Because the sand washes away near wind farms and the soil becomes harder, these worms and lobsters leave for rocky hiding places, so that the flatfish no longer have any food.

Danger 3

Less catch for fishermen

The windmills are placed in places that do not bother beach visitors and where the costs are low because the sea is shallow. However, these are exactly the places where many fish come to mate, thanks to the favorable temperature of the sea. When there are windmills, this temperature will change and the fish will leave for places where they are less able to mate. This leaves less fish for fishermen and fishmongers who depend on the fish.

Danger 4

Accidents and natural disasters

The North Sea is one of the busiest routes in the world. Ships are also getting bigger to be able to transport more cargo. The planned wind farms are close to the shipping routes of these ships. Ships can drift or take the wrong route, causing an accident to happen quickly. In that case, the adverse consequences for the North Sea are incalculable.

Danger 5

Magnetic fields

Electric cables cause magnetic fields, as do the cables that lead from the windmills to the shore. To compensate for this, the cables are laid deep underground. In practice, however, this is not always deep enough because the bottom of the North Sea changes naturally. This has an effect on the movements of fish and sea animals, but little research is being done into this. And nothing is known about the effect on people who work at sea.

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Red de Noordzee

Red de Noordzee: Windmolens maken onze zee kapot

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